Outside Prime Numbers
The FW 18+19 Linea Pelle edition, 4 - 6 ottobre 2017, achieved 21.687 visitors. And before you ask, the total is odd but not Prime Number. Details, sure, since the care for the detail is, absolutely, the asset required by the more younger Kermesse attendees. Which, to be honest, have taken the shape of cropping professionals, of infinite gathering of Color Charts of all the major tanneries, ours included! With their high-sounding Business Cards represent the Fashion Centers of renowned Maison & Brand of the luxury fashion, with the sincere and appropriate qualification of Assistant; ambitious and available collaborators responsible to rake data that will subsequently be viewed, rapidly, by the critic eye of the Stylist in turn.
Once upon a time orders, the Color Sampling, the appassionate conversation about the Flower of a Leather belong to the Remote Past. Our proposal? Were liked and received the attention and acclaim of our reference partner. Yes. We feel satisfied. Master Pell Trading Company pursue the sobriety, the measure, the discrete grace of the proposal, the agreement between the parts. Valid motivations, we believe, to continue following us, to be included, in the Remote Future, of the Mansion of Time of your Closed, outside the Prime Numbers.