While awaiting the official data that will confirm or not our first impression, we consider it correct to define the latter SS 2018 Edition disappointing, particularly as regards the number of visitors and the "type". Background noises, different from the usual, showed obvious absences, especially Italians, lazy or maybe worried about leaving the company even for just one day. And about the "type", we would like to emphasize the equality in the style of dress; no originality, zero search, complete lack of chromatic irony. A shame. Perhaps there is no time to deal with the mirror!
Not surprisingly bloggers talk about this Cabinet as a container and as a whole must count only and only 33 items among accessories, clothes, shoes, bags and so on. The reason? Don't waste time, in the morning, before leaving the House, to favor the big breakfast, to help clean some more Flex, listening to the latest news, and the daily smartphone update, absolutely indispensable!
Our proposals are liked, they received the acclaim of our partners and we are so pleased. It is common knowledge, as we have reported before, the master pell Trading Company loves the sobriety, the extent, the polite prudence, the grace of the proposal, the agreement between the parties. Good reasons, we believe, to continue to follow us, to live together responsibly, to be included, in any event, in your closet!