Linea Pelle's S+S 019 Edition, 20 - 22 February 2018, as usual, has proven to keep the level of its trend proposals unchanged. There was no shortage of professionals in the cutout, amiable and friendly ladies in charge of Materials Research, appointed by the Style Centers of Maison & Brand to identify those leathers with some added value: a color, a finish, a print, able to make the final product - a bag, a shoe, a belt - particularly appealing to the conscious gaze of the final user: the Top Spender. Important news is the fact that on the second day, at 14.00, many visitors were traveling, with a slow pace, the return path, satisfied by the already seen, as if in a few hours of presence had viewed and evaluated everything that was going viewed and evaluated. In practice: targeted visits. Those names, those suppliers, those points of reference and nothing else. No further details. No waste of time to have a valid overview. Although the assumptions should have been others. Even the Japanese, usually knocking down every single pavilion, interpreted their short stay on a bird's eye. Perhaps, and we say it with exquisite sweetness, the time has come for a global renewal of one's Brand Being.